Last Season's answers





The winner is Emma Gallagher of
East Grinstead.
La Barbe regularly conducts competitions to give people across Reigate, Surrey, the opportunity to eat at our award-winning restaurant for free.

We are passionate about food, and want our customers to enjoy the relaxed, comfortable ambience of our establishment.

In Winter, we launched a competition for someone to win a meal for two, including Kir La Barbe, one bottle of house wine and coffee.
Here are the answers from la barbe summer 2107 competition:

1/ Which flower is the vanilla pod from? 
b/ Orchid V

2/ What are purple cherokee, green tiger, black crim marmande and San Marzano all kinds of?
  c/ Tomato V

3/ Which creamy, nutty bean with deep pinky-red flecks is in its prime from late July-August?
b/ Borlotti V

4/ What are manzanilla, petit luques and nyons all kinds of?
a/ Olive V

5/ Which Italian composer had a steak dish named in his honour?
a/ Rossini V

6/ What are cherrystone, Venus and amandes de mer all kinds of?
b/ Clam V

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